Originals and Prints

I have a long list of pictures I really want to paint. As these progress I post updates to this site, so you can see how a scene is interpreted and built up to form the final piece. Once complete, these are available as one-off Originals and Prints.

View From The Globe

This print of ‘The View From The Globe’ is available from the prints page. Note the GPS coordinates in the bottom-right corner of where I was standing, which I like to include in all my landscapes.

Family Trees

Family Trees are bespoke pieces with your family details hidden within. These are a great talking point and an unual way to show your family ties (and remember birthdays)! I can even update them for you when your family grows.

Family Tree unframed

Look closely at this (ficticious) family tree to find the names and dates of birth


I can also paint my interpretation of your own photo to produce a unique piece of artwork from your own memories. Send me your picture and you can watch the painting take shape as work progresses. Please let me know where the photo is taken from as I like to put the GPS co-ordinates on each landscape that I do. You can see this on the bottom right corner on the print above and the painting below.

Photo provided…..